Central Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd (CESL), a fully owned subsidiary of the Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (CECB), is a proud, prestigious entity in the Sri Lankan construction sector today. Having commenced its' operations in the year 2003, CESL has reached its growth phase and further, development is expected to be accelerated by collaborating with its parent company from the year 2011. When CECB and CESL started Concentrating on Consulting & Construction separately.

During its' years of operation, CESL has proved its capabilities by completing over twenty billion rupees worth of road projects and operating on nearly three billion rupees worth of building construction projects. Further, as the subsidiary of Sri Lanka’s largest engineering base, CESL has added value to its parent company by directly collaborating in its' construction undertakings, while acting as a strong competitor in the private sector. This collaboration has extended into the Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, IT and Environmental Engineering sectors. Therefore, as a Government owned private entity, CESL plays a significant role in the Sri Lankan construction market. Corporate Plan 2016-2020 is the strategic tool to be used for setting targets and directing the workforce onto a precise path by setting milestones in the forthcoming years. The Corporate Plan was formulated by considering the future success plans as well as the obstacles that are anticipated due to the execution of the collaborative partnership with the parent company.

Eng. G. D. A. Piyathilake
Central Engineering Services Private Limited